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Some recent WOWs included:

For the Porsche enthusiast...

Reproductions of the original patent artwork and application submitted by Karl Porsche to the German Patent and Trademark Office in 1964. Printed on premium paper, double-matted and presented in a high-quality wooden and glass frame.

This gift giver said we made a hard thing easier:

GiftWow takes the frustration out of buying a gift for a hard to buy for person. Buying for a hard to buy person usually involves random thinking and web surfing that always feels unproductive. The question driven process of your site let's me answer questions about the person that I easily know the answers to and then see results based on those questions. Much easier than random thinking in hope that an idea will appear suddenly.

Chris M. - Redwood City, CA

For the romantic...

Take someone on an unforgettable ride they'll never forget. Glide and float thousands of feet over the earth for breathtaking views of the land below and finish with champagne to celebrate!

This gift giver said we made him a hero:

Picking gifts for my wife is often a challenge, but GiftWow made me a hero! After sharing just a little about her, GiftWow sent me a list of a dozen creative ideas for gifts in my price range, some romantic, some personalized, some related to cooking (her greatest passion…after me, I hope!), and some experiences we could share, but none of which I would have come up with on my own. GiftWow made it easy for me to order the gifts, with links in the list that they sent to me, and I am saving that list for ideas that I will use on future occasions!

Andy C. - Faifax, VA

For the world traveler...

For people who are lucky enough to get to travel, it's nice to have an easy way to remember and share your journeys. This map help to not only remind the traveler where they've been, but to also get them excited about where they have yet to go!

This gift giver said we came up with a gift he never would have:

I answered a few easy questions and was shocked to see that GiftWow knew my sister better than I did! I pride myself on being very tech-savvy and a great online shopper but this site showed me that I am just an amateur. The suggestions were dead on and we bought my sister, who loves to travel, a personalized map of the world with lots of push pins to mark where she's been. She loved it! And everyone who sees it compliments her on it. I know I never would have thought of this perfect gift myself! Thanks!

Steve G. - Albany, NY